Sunday, August 09, 2009

OMG It's Hot in Newport!

Weather here is crazy hot. When I was driving home from grocery shopping today, my car said it was 98 degrees outside. Add Michigan humidity to that and you have weather where you don't go outside....Ugh.

Anyway, had a nice Sunday. Met Rebecca and Lea for lunch at Pete's Garage. Lea was driving home to Ashland, and has been wanting to try Pete's since Rebecca always raves about it, so we all had lunch there. It was nice to see both of them, and to see Lea's "bling" (which is her nickname for her engagement ring, haha). After that, I forced myself to get a pedi/mani. Yes, forced. I really did not feel like going, but needed to since I wear a lot of heeled sandals to work. Anyway, I headed to the place I usually go to in Monroe, and they are CLOSED. No! Like permanently. Ugh. So, I found another place. They did a really good job, but I had to wait a little bit. I guess everyone had the same idea as me today with the horrible weather. Headed to Meijer after that to grocery shop, then headed home for the night.

Found an awesome deal on shoes tonight! I had a gift cert to use at amazon, and amazon had a coupon for $20 off if you spent $80 if you bought shoes from I ended up getting these from Sofft:
and these from Vaneli, which are a brand I have never heard of. I basically got $212.98 in shoes for $43.98! Love deals and love nice shoes. Sofft, which Angel introduced me to, are the most comfy dress shoes I have ever owned. They are expensive though, so I have to wait until they are on sale and really marked down.

Anyway, hope everyone else had a nice weekend! :).


Brittany said...

LOVE the shoes!!

Jennifer said...

I love Sofft shoes, I wear them for teaching. Very comfy. What good deals on the shoes!

Nicole said...

Great Shoes!!!

.................Nancy said...

Cute shoes!

Rachael said...

great deals!