Tuesday, June 15, 2010

100 Things

This was stolen from Brittany.......

Post 100 Things That Make You Happy. Can't wait to read everyone else's! This was actually pretty hard to do. I just tried to type anything that came to mind, without just putting names of people, etc. Took me quite some time, but here ya go! Please don't judge the randomness. I tried to be quick and not *think* while doing this.

Pugs snoring
Hikes in the jungle
Watching monkeys play in the trees
Photography of any sort
Lying in a hammock with the sound of the ocean in the background
Inside jokes with Kurt
Talking to my Mom on the phone
Aimlessly wandering around Sephora
Laughing so hard you cry
Massages at the spa
Shellac manicures
Walks on the beach
Playing in the ocean
Snorkeling in Galapagos
Banana daiquiris
Bargain shopping
Capri pants
My cat’s personality
Relaxing at home with my family
How my nephew Nick loves to read Harold and the Purple Crayon
Black sand beaches
Tigers baseball
Spicy Botan Shrimp from Crave in Dearborn
Sushi with Rebecca
Making Kory try weird foods at restaurants
Going to art fairs and the theatre with my Aunt
My grampa’s jokes
Spending time with either one of my gramas
How my maternal grama swore in front of me for the first time ever last year---it was hilarious.
How even though she was the enemy in high school, my Mom is now one of my closest friends
Getting to help people every day at work
Having a reputation at court for resolving my cases and being reasonable
Citrus smelling candles
Blueberry Muffins
Ahi tuna or swordfish tacos
My eye color
Watching Kurt argue a difficult case in court
My homemade mac and cheese
Sterling State Park
Walks in my backyard
My friends, and how we can always pick up where we left off, no matter how much time has gone by
Cute shoes, especially heels
Pretty, unique jewelry
Looking at old pictures
Eating pineapple in Central America
Observing Gorillas in the wild (random, I know, but one of the happiest hours of my life)
The Osa Peninsula
Being in the middle of nowhere with Kurt
Being my own boss
Wandering around antique stores with Kurt
The show Parole Board
Watching Legally Blonde
Billy Joel’s music
The Gilmore Girls
Trying something new for the first time
Sitting and talking to friends after dinner
Playing tennis
Designer sunglasses
Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Unique lighting fixtures
My Dad’s sense of humor
My wedding ring
A clean house (which is rare around here, LOL)
Throwing wrapping paper at family during Christmas
Eating chips and dip with my Mom
Being debt free (except my house)
Planning vacations
Winning in Court
Cobalt Blue glass
70 degree, sunny weather
Flip flops
XM Radio
Doing nothing with Rebecca. J.
Big Al’s breadsticks and cheese sauce
Reading travel books
The gym Kurt built for me in the basement
My master bathroom
Victoria’s Secret body mists
Playing poker in Vegas
Cirque shows
Driving with the top down in the car
Reading my friends’ blogs
Pantene Detangling Spray
Willow trees
Nick and Nino’s fish tacos and fries
Live music
Heated car seats
Free time
Taking a bath in a Jacuzzi tub
Always seeing the glass half full


Rachael said...

Funny, making a list similar to this is on my "101 in 1001" days!

Rebecca said...

Hey, I made the list :)

It is hard, that's why I'm only doing a list of 50, haha. And it's still going to take some time!

RoseAnn said...

I'm totally doing this!