Friday, June 11, 2010


So glad this week is over. So glad. Did not prevail in my prisoner case today, but did not really expect to since my client is in prison and cannot care for the child until December. I did the best I could with what I had, but will have to file a parenting time motion for him when he gets out mid-December. I hate being interrupted when speaking (it's kinda an unwritten rule between lawyers), and always get annoyed and tell someone not to do it when I am interrupted. Today though, I was arguing against a law student, and kinda yelled at her, then felt guilty about it afterwards. She actually said she was sorry after the hearing, but I wish I would have said it more nicely. Whoopsie. I will do some kind of nice deed soon to make up for being a temporary bitch. I guess I am allowed to have an off moment once in a while. I am always overly nice to everyone down there, so I will cut myself some slack.

I scheduled Kurt and I both massage appointments tomorrow, which is much needed for both of us. Our office had 43 hearings this week, and Stacey was out Monday, Jessica out Friday, so it was a LOT of running around. Everything got done really smoothly, but being out of the office and in court that much is hard on you after 5 days in a row of it. Next week, we only have like 22, so things should be more calm.

I am going to try and relax this weekend, but try to get some things done as well. On my goal list: go to the new place in town to look for new glasses, go to Kohl's or the mall to look for some more skirts to wear to court and work, as well as some new peep toe heels, return lighting fixtures at Lowe's that have been in my trunk forever, LAUNDRY, grocery shop.....take a hike at the State Park. OK, this list is not sounding relaxing, LOL. Hopefully, I can accomplish some of it anyway. :). Weirdly, getting things crossed off my list relaxes me.

Anyway, off to bed. Hope everyone had a nice Friday! Happy Friday!

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