Thursday, June 10, 2010

"In the Home"

I had a really interesting hearing today. It was supposed to be interesting because it was a hearing about a party who committed perjury, but the interesting part was actually the other lawyer's behavior.

He actually said, on the record, in talking about my client's income, that he believes that "no woman should work outside of the home at any time." I think my mouth (and that of all employed women in the court room, including the female court reporter, the female law clerk, the female deputy, and the female legal secretary) dropped to the floor. I was flabbergasted, that an attorney would say something so stupid and irrelevant on the record. The Judge basically told him that the court did not share his chauvinist opinion. Wow. The same lawyer, seconds later, accused ME of knowing that my client committed perjury. Thank God the Judge had my back on that right away (and since the Judge's daughter is a very successful surgeon, I already knew he did not agree). I would have totally gone off on the guy. It's hilarious to me that an attorney who has been disbarred not once, but THREE TIMES, would accuse ME of anything. Hilarious. I guess the guilty tend to accuse the innocent.....He ended up saying he was sorry and taking the statement back, but it was bullshit. He simply said it to try and cover his ass with the Judge, he did not mean it at all. He called my office prior to the hearing and was telling Jessica the same thing, and Jessica basically told him he was absurd and I would never tell anyone to lie on the record. He is now placed on the shit list at my office. Cannot wait until he retires (and since he is ancient, this could hopefully occur at any time).

So happy tomorrow is Friday and we only have one more day of court insanity until things calm down a little bit next week. I have one pretty complex hearing in the morning, and Kurt has a really complex trial in the afternoon, but the other hearings tomorrow are pretty cut and dry and then we get the weekend, finally. Super yay.

Placed a Sephora order yesterday with a gift card Rebecca got me for my bday! Am waiting for Kurt to get in from mowing the lawn so I can make dinner, and I really should do some laundry. Trying to figure out my weekend too. I would really like to go to Birch Run to shop, but I also need some rest. Decisions, decisions.

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Nicole said...

I am surprised that someone would ever make that statement in front of so many people! What a FOOL!

Thankfully he is old and will hopefully retire himself and his antiquated ideas.