Friday, June 18, 2010

Parties, Blueberry Vodka, Canada and Wax

Had a really nice night out at the Judge Popke reception (she is running for re-election). I normally *never* do these functions. However, I had a change of heart recently, and decided, if I really like the particular Judge, I will go, simply to support them. I hate when attorneys use these functions as a means to get ahead, or get an advantage in the court room, or suck up. Most attorneys at these functions are genuinely supportive, however, there is the standard set who are geniunely sucking up. I prefer to get my way in the courtroom by doing a good job, being nice and reasonable.......I was told by a friend that I am naive if I don't think some of this job is political, but you know what? I don't care. I know it's political, but I have no desire to be a political person. I detest politics and I am just going to go on doing my job, and trying to be a good person and attorney and not get involved in that mess. That said, I rode down there with my friend and fellow attorney, Michelle. We ended up hanging out a lot with our other friend, Nicole, while down there, and I had a nice time chatting with a lot of the attorneys I practice with all the time. Said hi to some of the Judges there, tried the food they were serving, and drumroll please---had a drink! I tried this awesome vodka (blueberry vodka by Stoli) mixed with sugar free red bull and ummmmm, super yum. Highly recommend. So, anyway, I really hope Judge Popke gets re-elected, and I am sure she will. She is one of those Judges that really cares about the people, and loves her job. She has been awesome to me since day one of my practicing, and she is a good person, mother, and judge. Plus, she is blonde! ;).

Today, Kurt and I drove out to Westland this morning to survey the area and start looking for office space there, to open Office #4. I may end up doing some work out there, as it is right near my Grama and Aunt's house, and if I have later appointments, I could go visit them afterwards. It was nice to drive around with the top down and get some sun and enjoy the weather. I got a massage today too because I felt a headache coming on, and got my nails done after work with Shellac again. Funny story, the girl doing my nails accidentally spilled hot wax all over me. It was covering like half my skirt and part of my shirt. It was a total mistake and i was not upset in the least, and it did not hurt me since it was all on my clothing. The girl was just mortified with herself, she felt horrible. I told her no big deal, but she kept saying sorry.....they wanted to write off my visit, but I paid anyway. I did not want her to end up paying of something, I know those spa like places sometimes take the $$ from the employees, and they work hard and I hate that. Anyway, my nails turned out great, and I amused everyone around me with the latest fun stories of the office. HAHA. Went to dinner with Kurt after that and took a couple walks around the yard with Kurty and the puggies.

So, I booked flights to Montreal yesterday! We are going over the 4th. I am psyched. I have always wanted to visit there, and the flight is short from Detroit, just 1:45. Have not booked a hotel yet, started researching them and will make a choice soon. There is a ton to do there, so I am sure we will not be bored, and a friend of mine lives there too, so I am sure we will meet up with her and her boyfriend. Super fun. Lots of photo ops for sure.


colfin said...

You're only naive if you don't know what is going on... you do know what is going on and choose to rise above it. I have a lot of respect for you!

Nancy V. said...

Wow!!! I love the new design!

Anonymous said...

The wax story is hilarious! :) Hopefully there's a way to get it out of clothing? Or did you just have to scrap the whole outfit?

-how's the Shellac thing working out? Do you still love it? Does it really last 2 weeks?

Lori H said...

Colleen, that really means a lot to me. Thanks for saying that.

Nancy, thanks! :). I am not really sold on it yet, but was just playing around and wanted a change.

Mel--I put the outfit in the wash, guess I will see! I think it will be fine though. And I love Shellac. It does last two weeks and my nails look great ALL THE TIME.

Lisa said...

Too bad you weren't in Montreal for the Canada Day celebrations!

Hope you have a great trip!!