Sunday, June 20, 2010

Busy Weekend

Busy weekend! Normally, I don't like having something going on every second, but this was a fun weekend, with laidback activities.

Saturday, I slept in then headed to lunch with Hollie and Angela at Olive Garden in Southgate. Loved catching up with them. :). After that, I got an oil change and car wash for the Saab, and stopped at Border's to buy a couple books about Montreal. Also bought two books on clearance about places to visit and see. Really huge books, so I will read them while working out and figure out 1000000 more places for me to put on my travel lists, LOL. Just what I need. That night, we headed to Rebecca's for game night, which was super fun. Met two new people, Tameka and Natalie, who are in the Jaycee's with Rebecca. Super kewl girls. We played a new trivia game that is not yet on the market, and Taboo. Also just chilled, talked, etc. And Rebecca's snacks were all awesome! :).

Today, we got up and picked up Vito's meds at the vet. Then headed to the Tigers game. My friend Lisa got tickets from the law firm she works at, and invited us. Awesome seats, sold out game, Tigers won, gorgeous weather, AND had a great time catching up with Lisa and Brian. I kept reapplying sunscreen, and don't think I got burnt, which is a miracle with how scorching the sun was. MI is so amazing this time of year. Oh, and Lisa is dangerous. She may be more obsessed with travel than I am, and she makes me want to go more places. Bad, bad. We are both pretty much game for anything, they wouldd be great people to travel with really.

Came home, and kinda have a headache. Sometimes too much sun does that to me. Took two walks with the puggies in the yard, and have been chillin since. The headache is making me lazy......Laundry can wait. :).


Rebecca said...

Thanks for coming on Saturday!

Brittany said...

Sounds like a good weekend!