Monday, July 28, 2014

Car Stuff in Costa Rica

We have an SUV in Costa Rica, a Nissan Xterra, that Kurt drove from Michigan to Costa Rica.  This post is about the maintenance we have had to do on our car while here and the cost.

First, we needed an oil change right after I arrived here since Kurt drove so far to get here.  We took it to a place that you drove up to and they lifted the car in the air, with us inside. No wait.  The cost was about what it is in the States, but we got higher end oil. Super nice guy who owned the place.  Very close to our house in Herradura.

Today, we needed to get a flat repaired and changed, and wanted the car detailed since it was filthy from Kurt's trip down here.  Took it to the local gas station we usually fill up at.  In Michigan, a car detail would cost around $150.00 (for inside and out).  Also, there is generally an appointment that has to be made, and you usually have to leave your car there for hours.  In Costa Rica, drove right up and got in.  Total was $11.00.  They did an awesome job.  The tire patch was $6.00.  The guy fixed the tire, then switched it over for us and put our spare back underneath the car.  Super fast service.  Not sure what the cost for that in the States would have been.  But, I know it would not have been as easy or fast.

We ate at a new place or date night for sushi called Arigato.  I updated my restaurant post to include a review, but thumbs up to this place.  :).  Jaco was crazy busy today because of the holiday.  We lucked out though and got a table right away at Arigato.  SUPER long wait at POPS for ice cream.  Usually we walk right in and up to the counter.

I was a cooking fool today.  I made a new batch of guac and tartar sauce, as well as a strawberry banana bread.  I also made a new recipe of smashed potatoes for Kurt and black bean burgers.  I made a new pudding too which only has three ingredients and was super yummy and healthy. 

I also finished painting the wood for my closet that Kurt is going to build. So, hopefully he starts on that soon.  I would love to hang all my clothes up and stop living out of suitcases.

Bugsy it done with his antibiotic shots at the vet and now gets drops at home only.  We have a recheck appointment on Thursday.  Each time we have gone in though, they seem to think his eye looks better and better.  We have been barring Bugsy from going outside though as we don't want him to get into anything that will bother the eye.  He spends a lot of time in my bathroom in the sink.  Weird cat.  LOL.

Pura Vida!

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Rebecca said...

For as much as you tease me about paleo, I couldn't help but start laughing when I saw that you made a recipe from a paleo site, hahaha. Sounds good though, I need to go buy a banana and make some.