Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Final Game for the Ticos

Saturday, Kurt and I headed into town to watch the Holland vs Costa Rica game.  We ended up at Surf Dogs, and it was packed in downtown Jaco!  Los Amigos' tables were all reserved almost 2 hours prior to the game.  Crazy.  Anyway, we had lunch (split from appetizers) and watched the game, which went down to the end and Costa Rica lost in penalty kicks.  It was horrible.  But, I was so impressed with the Costa Ricans watching.  Everyone got up, post loss, and started cheering for their team.  In the US, people would just be pissed they lost, look for excuses as to why, blame someone else.  Here, they are simply proud of their team.  They is true patriotism.   It was a great experience being part of the World Cup as a spectator this year. 

Date night this week we had sushi at I Love Sushi in downtown Jaco.  It was awesome.  The sushi was expensive for sushi, but incredible and I loved the ambiance of the place.  We split three rolls and both had miso soup.  All the rolls were unique and tasty.  Highly recommend.

I have been taking some random pictures on our runs in the neighborhood and around the yard.

The dog above cracks me up.  He is behind this fence and sticks his nose and face in this hole and barks and barks at us.  He sounds pretty scary, but I am guessing he is a teddy bear when around people.

Took Midas to the beach again.  He loves it there. 

There is an area where I run where there is a ton of cattle lazing around.  I always say hi.

Lucie is getting more and more used to the country and new house.  She is coming out and cuddling with me some on the couch and demanding attention. I am glad she is not hiding any longer.

Midas likes to be by us ALL the time.  This is Kurt, pre-workout, with Midas on the couch.

Our wall going up around the pool.  It is about done.

 When we go for runs and walks, we have random dogs that will follow us and walk or run with us.  They are all super friendly.  I have not met an unfriendly dog in this country.

This spider was found on the porch.  It was about 4 inches across and kinda creepy, yet kewl at the same time.  It spun this web in a very short period of time. 

Horse on my daily run.  I need to take it some carrots or something.


Taratula seen on our walk today.  Not poisonous, but creepy just the same.  Up close, you could see it's fangs. EEEEEEKKK.

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Angela S. said...

The spiders totally heeb me out! UGH! But, I'm so glad you and your pets are loving CR!