Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Freedom in the US vs Costa Rica

My husband posted this picture on his facebook wall today that he found online.

This sign documents really well why we don't think the US is free. Everywhere you turn, there is a law, a rule, somebody telling you what to do, judgmental people.  There is a car accident, and someone runs out and names a new law, naming it after the person who just died.  LAW after LAW after LAW.  It is never ending.  And the US people seem to be fine with it, most thinking that the laws are there to protect them and keep them safe.  It's pathetic.  I have no desire to live someplace where my every move is monitored and there is a law I have to follow with every single thing I do.

People in the US don't get simply having personal responsibility.  Why do we even need a sign like the above?  Seriously.  We need a ton of rules on a holiday that is supposed to be celebrating our "independence"?

The US is not free any longer, and has not been for a long time.   We send these men and women out to war to supposedly protect our freedom, and in reality, all they are protecting is the government's agenda, whatever it may be at the time, and that is just wrong.

However, until the US people get that and do something about that, the country will continue to just be in downward spiral of giving our government complete control over everything we do.

Can't wait to celebrate Independence Day in Costa Rica in September.  I will be taking my dogs and going to the beach, where nobody will be videotaping me, I can stay as late as I want, drink alcohol, sleep there if I want, light off fireworks if I want, and no police will be searching my bags.  And unlike the US, I doubt there will be any crime that day, or shootings, or anything remotely dangerous happening.

Pura Vida to true freedom.


opit said...

It's wonderful you found that kind of sanity - and recognize the lack in what one young lady called AmeriKKKa.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori Anne,

Aren't fireworks illegal in CR?
I recently redad about the police rounding up Nicas bringing them in to sell on the black market.
You're right on the money with regard to the erosion of freedom in America. Seems any comments against such impingements are met with " Are you on the side of the Terrorists?" Never thought it would come to this


Seth said...

Hello Ms. Haskell. My friend Megan and her husband Cody from here in Michigan told me about your story and told me to check out your blog.

Thank you for sharing about your experiences in Costa Rica. I completely agree with you regarding the decimation of our rights in America. America is no where near being a "free country". There is an illusion of freedom. But those of us that think for ourselves can see beyond this fallacy and see our nation for what it is: a progressive nanny state.

Our Founding Fathers would be appalled by what our nation has become. The Constitution has been completely decimated and I don't see any way to restore it.

I hope that some day my wife and I will be able to get away from it, just as you and your husband have. Take care and God bless you guys.