Thursday, July 03, 2014

Ole Ole Ole Ole Ticos

We went to Dominical on Sunday to meet up with Jesse and Diana and watch the game.  They live about 15 minutes from there, but used to live there and they love hanging at the beach there.  WE went to a restaurant/bar called Tortilla Flats.  While there, met some other people as well.  I think almost the entire place was Americans, which was kinda strange.

It took about an hour and 20 minutes to get there and we were early so we grabbed a table and ordered from chips and guac while we waited.  Once we got there, we ordered lunch.  I had mahi tacos and Kurt had a grilled cheese and fries.  Everyone's food looked awesome.  The game and atmosphere at the bar was awesome and Costa Rica won in a shootout!  We had a blast.  After, we went to the house of Antoinette and Doug, two others we met at the bar via Jesse and Diana.  Anyway, they have a beautiful home half way between Dominical and Uvita.  We got to meet their puppies and hang there for a bit.

Had to run some errands and I saw this sign.  It amused me.

This is our neighbor Neil's dog.  He visits the house sometimes and sits by our gate, sometimes sauntering in.  Kurt decided to dance with him after a recent walk.  Really sweet puppy.

We saw a snake yesterday!  While driving home, on the main road before you turn onto our side street. It was a baby boa constrictor, which means it was only 6 feet vs the 18 feet that they normally get to.  We stopped the car and got out to check it out.  Pretty sweet.  I love how nature is just everywhere here. 

Also, after the gym last night, we came home to two froggies hanging by the pool.  One swimming, one sitting by the pool.  Super cute.

The cement mixer is at the house for the building of the wall around the pool. They have the footer done and started building the wall.

Today, we headed to a dairy farm in Jaco called Productos Tulín.  They make their own milk, yogurt, cheese, raise chickens for eggs, etc.  Anyway, today, Kurt and I were there for cheese mostly and to check out everything.  Milk, you have to order in advance as they need to know in the morning how much, as well as eggs since they sell to a lot of local places as well.  But they had lots of cheese and yogurt ready.  I guess every Saturday from 9-12, they sell outside the farm on the main road.  We ended up buying three kinds of yogurt (mora, fresa and pina) and got various cheeses to try.  She even threw one in for free as I think she saw me eyeing it, LOL.  Anyway, the staff there was so nice.  When we got there, they brought everything out for us to check out and explained that everything is natural.  Loved it there.  Love that you can buy fresh like this as well.  We were going to stop at a place that sold fresh eggs, but we passed it and did not want to turn around, so I found some at a local fruit market that were fresh.  Super yummy.


It was Oscar's turn to go to the beach earlier this week.  He loved the car ride, and liked walking on the beach, but would go nowhere near the water, LOL.  He loved being with us without the other dogs around though.  :).  He did not go far on the beach before he got tired, my old man.

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