Wednesday, February 01, 2006

24 hours in a Day

Ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day, but are glad that there ARE only 24 hours in the day at the same time?

That has pretty much been my feeling since I started law school. Before I started, I thought I was busy. I did not even comprehend the definition whatsoever at that point. Since I started school, I am still working my pre-law school hours, and I am going to school full-time, which is about 14 hours per week plus study time. It's truly crazy of me, but necessary so I can be done and have my degree.

I am now down to the end, and it is such a freaking relief. I have three months two weeks until graduation (but who's counting??). And now they give me MORE to do. I have to fill out my bar application (which is NOT a simple task, so many details needed and things ordered from my driving record to my criminal record and more), have to sign up for all these bar review courses which of course, cost a TON of money, and so on. I have a huge "To Do" list. I am getting through it though.

Anyway, not much going on in the Haskell household. Same old normal work week stuff.


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Swingdancin said...

sounds busy for sure!! Good luck with school!