Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Groundhogs Day!!!

What a crazy day! Today is Kurty's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KURT!!!!!), he turned 35 today. I told him he is getting old, almost to 40! ha.

About 5 minutes ago, my secretary called and she had her baby today! On Kurt's birthday. How funny. I think Groundhogs's Day is a really fun holiday to have a birthday though. :). Congrats Misty and Joe and Justin! The baby's name is Abby and she is 6 pounds 11 oz, and I am sure adorable. Can't wait to meet her!

Kurt and I will probably wait to celebrate his birthday until another weekend, since this weekend is Super Bowl. I want to take him to do something kewl, but am kinda waiting to hear from someone before I make definite plans (hint, hint to you know who you are).

We are going tonight to look at some more rental properties. We would like to get some apartments, etc. while the market is so great for buyers. Hopefully, we like something we see......

Back to work.

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Plaksey said...

But i think life is beautiful when you are live it...does it make sense?