Saturday, February 11, 2006

Week Long Drama

OK, not really. I have not posted all week because my week has consisted of school, work and more school. And everyone loves to read about how exciting that is, right? Did not think so.

One kewl thing this week. We put a bid in on a apartment building/store front this weekend and the bid was countered slightly and finally agreed upon. For way freaking less than we expected. We still need to have the inspection done, appraisal, all that, but if all happens OK, we will be owning another great rental property.

Picked up Kurt's new suit last night in Monroe. He looks really cute in it today, ;). I am so glad I found that store. I really prefer supporting local businesses, and they have great prices on suits on their sale and clearance racks. Plus, now I am on their mailing list, so coupons, here i come!

Back to work.

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