Saturday, February 04, 2006

Becoming Domestic??

OK, maybe not. But, today, I went to a scrapbooking party (kinda like tupperware) at a friend's house in Flat Rock. My friend Melanie invited me, she is my friend Tammy's neighbor. The company name is called Creative Memories and was actually very kewl, which surprised me. Pretty much I have all my pics online and am fine with that. I order a print now or them to frame, and prefer having my pics online. But, that is going to slowly change. I have been wanting to start printing all my pics and putting them in albums, just to preserve them and show family members who do not have computers (like Kurt's Mom and my Grama). So....I am going to start off slow. Because I tend to be all gung ho about stuff like this and then not have time to work on it, I only bought one album in cobalt blue (of course, my fav color) and some kewl cutting tools. I bought a cobalt blue album with 30 pages, as well as a corner cutter and a scallop corner cutter. There will be some other things I need, but I can get those as I need them. I want to get stickers for the pages and need some tape, but I am going to wait until I order the pics and just pick them stuff up at Michael's or order online from the site. I am going to start off by doing my Hawaii pics.

Before the party, I went with Tammy to Jessica's championship basketball game. It was fun to watch all the little girls play the game. Her team lost by 2, and they were all really sad. :(.

So, does making a scrapbook make me domestic?? I don't think so, LOL, but it sure does make me think that! :).

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