Thursday, February 23, 2006


Nothing exciting this week. School, work, repeat. I did finally grocery shop though so Kurt and I have had some yummy meals. Yummy to me though is prob not for others....I have had Morningstar Grillers Prime. I take the 'fake' meat and put it on a bagel and toast it in the toaster oven with fat free cheese and I swear, I am in heaven. It's awesome the things that they have on the market now for people who don't eat meat. Yay for that.

I have not felt very good this week for some reason, I think I really need a vacation. Just kinda tired and out of it.

Anyway, on American Idol, everyone should vote for Ace! Here's the breakdown: a friend of mine from high school's cousin is best friends with the guy. So, you kinda know him, at least more than the other contestants. HA.

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