Saturday, February 04, 2006


So, Kurt and I had a nice night for his birthday. Even though we had to work all day long, BLAH.

We had an appointment with our Realtor, but we were early so we stopped at a clothing store (men's) I have always wanted to go in to in Monroe. They have suits and nicer clothing. Found Kurt an awesome suit on clearance, and left it there to be altered. Also bought him a tie and suspenders. So, he got some b-day gifts. We normally don't exchange gifts, but I like him to get something. :).

After that, we went to look at the two rental apartment buildings. Both were interesting and have potential. And both were WAY underpriced. The first I think needs more work than I want to deal with but would still be income producing. The second needs little work, but is slighly more money. BUT, it also has a store front on a commercial road as part of it (it's two buildings), so we could eventually kick out the store owner and open a law firm there, once I am done with school. I would like to run an office in Monroe.

After that, we went to Dolce Vita to eat dinner for Kurt's birthday. I had an awesome meal. It was an ahi tuna made with different japanese spices and it was incredible. I need to go back there again for that meal. Healthy and yummy. Great combo.

Went home after that and chilled. It was already pretty late, so went to bed and here I am working again!

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Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Kurt!!!