Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back to the Grind

I went and visited my friend Jill, her husband, Ben, their three kids, Jamin, Leah, and Kort.....Posted about it before on here, it was over Thanksgiving. Anyway, finally got around to uploading the pics from the get together.

Click here to see them. Really adorable kiddos! :)

On another note, back to the grind on the home front. Worked both yesterday and today and were really busy. The phone is a tad bit quieter than usual (since it is still the holidays for most people, kids off of school, etc.), but I had so much paperwork and docs to go through from when we were away. Finally seeing the light though.

Vito's birthday (4th) was the 15th, which is the morning we left really early. So, we celebrated yesterday. Vito had a great night. He is thee cutest dog on his birthday. People love Vito and Vito loves all people. First, we took a car ride, which is in itself super fun for the babe. Started with a trip to Petsmart. We needed dog and cat food, and picked up a new collar for Vito while there, a cute red one. Also bought some dog bones and stuff marked down from Xmas. Vito was called "extremely good looking" by a woman there, hehe, and everyone that passed him stopped to pet and love the boy. Next, we stopped at Burger King for Vito's birthday bacon cheeseburger. He inhaled that (literally) and we next stopped at Kroger's. Kurt and Vito stayed in the car while I ran in for a couple things we needed. Me and Vito played peek a boo when I came out. He had the best night.

Glad to be back to the gym. Did get a lot of exercise (cardio) on vacay, so I dont feel guilty or anything, but I like the routine of the gym at night and watching my Netflix videos.

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