Tuesday, December 11, 2007

While Not so Asleep.....

I forgot to post that I have now worn both pairs of new shoes for one day each and yay, that are both comfy and not killing my feet by the end of the day. I think we have brands that are winners, my friends.

Also, stopped at Old Navy tonight, randomly, just cuz I was in the mall. Decided to see if they had any cute tanks or t-shirts for my trip. Of course, it's winter and 10 degrees in Newport so, ummm, nothing NEW. But, perfect time to clearance shop! Got about 6 tanks for like $3 each. Bonus. One is so super cute and Lori like, it has little owls all over it. I got the one in green. Also got this one, and some others that I cant find on the site because they are out of stock online, I guess. It's seriously great to walk out of Old Navy with a huge bag of stuff you got for under $20 total.

Stopped in the Cingular store next, all ready to buy a phone until I was encoutered with "rude sales boy (RSB)". Usually, they are awesome in the store. The salespeople are almost TOO into the phones and being helpful. Last night, AARGH. Rude, rude, rude. My phone is not up for upgrade. They never are when I want a new phone, but the salespeople always give me the upgrade price anyway. This guy was giving me such a hard time, finally, I was like, "never mind, I will order it online." I want to give my local store the business, but not if I am treated badly. He was obnoxious. Or maybe I will try and go back when someone else is working. I should write a complaint letter, but I just don't feel like it or have the time right now. I really need to get a phone without a camera, but I guess it can wait until I get back from vacay since I won't be in court the rest of the week anyway. It drives me batty when I can't take my phone to the one courthouse down there.

I have been finding so many kewl places I want to stay at in Panama with my online searches. This is one of my top places, called La Loma. The place only has three huts, and you have to hike 5-7 minutes to get to your room, but it's right in the jungle and looks so neat. They also have a butterfly farm and I am a sucker for those with my photography. It's on an island off of Panama. This place looks kewl too, called Canopy Tower. It's an old military base, converted into a hotel. Your room is at tree level, so you can look outside at all the birds and animals. Anyway, I love unique and I love places in the middle of the jungle (nowhere), so we will see how remote we can get. There is another place that looks awesome where your room is on stilts above the water, but somehow, I don't think Kurt is going for that......:).

Anyway, gotta get back to work. I just wanted to write something more since I was half asleep last night while posting.

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Rebecca said...

Okay, Panama looks absolutely amazing from those pics! I want to go!