Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hiking Shoes

I have been wanting to buy Kurt and I hiking boots since we first went hiking on vacay, which I think would either be in Vegas in Red Rock, or maybe in Hawaii. Anyway, we spend a lot of our vacays hiking, and I know there are better options out there than flip flops and tennis shoes. Every time we go on vacay, Kurt ruins a pair of shoes hiking in the jungle.

So, tonight, we stopped after work and bought two pairs. Kurt, a pair of Merrells (which made me think of Rebecca since she loves that line) and me a pair of Vasque (which I had never heard of until tonight). Anyway, they are both waterproof, and should make hiking more enjoyable and more safe. No snakes can bite my feet now (not that they did before, but Panama has more snakes than anywhere we have been, and I am expecting some crazy encounter with a fer de lance).

Other than that, not too much else happened today, really. Work was crazy busy and the day just flew by. Am counting down the hours until we leave......

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