Monday, February 18, 2008

The Day of Presidents

Love federal holidays. The courts are closed, so we have a ton of time to do paperwork in the office.

Went this morning to my first orthodontist appointment. They had to take one more xray, and then they put 6 brackets on some bottom teeth to fix what needs to be done before the Invisalign can start it's work. I go back in three weeks. They put a power chain on the brackets and umm, ow. I am remembering the fun of braces now. At least nobody can see these and they are only on a few teeth on the bottom. And eating is so odd now. Everything feels differently. As soon as I get used to it, they will come off though, LOL. I am glad to get started though. It's funny, a friend of mine from elementary school on, Jill, wrote me today and said "Didn't you have braces in high school? Or are you just like me and stopped wearing your retainer and now your bottom teeth seem to be moving?" It cracked me up because that's exactly what happened to me and is apparently happening to her. :). Her smile is gorgeous though, so people would think she is as nutty as I am if she got braces again or anything.

Not much else going on here. The snow all melted here, and I am so hoping for Spring, BUT, I know it's not here yet. Bummer.

Been trying to schedule appointments and catch up on some stuff. Made a hair appt for later this month, and it's a good thing I did, as my hairdresser was pretty booked and this is for a while away. I really need to get in for a pedi and mani as well, and my eyebrows. AHHH. Not enough hours in a day, seriously.

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Hobby Chef said...

I love the federal holidays too - banks and credit unions are all closed so it is a "catch up" day for us around here! wheeee!!!!!! And my eyebrows are out of control right now as well. Eeek!