Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where is Nicholas?

My sister is in labor! But, she has been since 330 AM. They sent her home because *things were not moving along quickly enough* and she spent the rest of the day at home until 715 PM, when she headed back to the hospital. Looks like we may have a Leap Baby after all! :). Which would be super kewl. My Mom is supposed to keep me posted, and I am hoping by morning, I am an Aunt to baby Nicholas James! Everyone pray my sister has an easy labor. She hates pain, so I am really hoping that it is not too hard on her. I am glad that they did not have to induce though. My Mom is staying with Carissa and Jimmy (my sister's stepkids), so they have had a fun night watching American Idol with my Mom, having her make dinner, etc. My Mom is so awesome.

I have been so backed up with blogging. Life is crazy right now. And I simply have just not felt like logging on here and writing. Sigh. But I sooo need to, because by the time I blog, I seriously forget everything that has happened. And, it's only been like a week!

Had lunch with my friend, Hollie, at Mexican Gardens, in Southgate, on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. We sat for like three hours and talked.....After that, i decided to run to the mall because I am in desperate need of more business casual clothes. I found some stuff, but I was having a horrible luck kinda day. Everything I tried on, I hated. Ended up with two new pairs of pants, a headband, and a shirt from NY and CO, then two shirts from Kohl's. Stopped at Men's Wearhouse too and bought Kurty two new suits--one tan and one dark grey/blue. Those had to be altered and we picked them up yesterday. He wore one today and it looked awesome. They have the best customer service in that store. I think I amuse them when I go in there. I don't go in often, but when I do, I walk in, go to Kurt's size, quickly pick out 2 suits and pay. Then, I have them altered without Kurt being measured, and they literally never see Kurt.

Kurt went to the doctor today, as he has been having severe back pain. He thought it was his rotator cuff. Anyway, he found out today that he was correct. I guess there are three rotator cuff muscles, and they think one of Kurt''s is torn. They had him do some exercise type things to figure it out, and the doctor is now sending him to physical therapy for three weeks to try and fix it. If they can't, then he has to go back to the doctor to figure out the next step. Ironic thing, Kurt was just at a mediation, and one of the attys there just had rotator cuff surgery. Ugh. I hope it can be fixed with just therapy.

Anyway, because I am blanking on anything else going on in life, I am going to end it here. Night!


.................Nancy said...

I hope Kurt feels better soon!!

I used to go to Mr. Big & Tall and pick out stephs clothes and just bring them home to him too, but now that he's lost 90lbs he has to try it on, my mind is not adjusted yet LOL

Katie said...

Hooray for Leap Babies! Let us know what happens with your new nephew :)