Thursday, February 28, 2008

Heather's Blog Challenge #26

Heather asked in her blog challenge this week...

1. What jobs have you always wanted to have?
2. Or did you think for a long time that you wanted to have but got over at some point?

Interesting questions. I don't recall, when I was really young, what I said I wanted to be. I would have to ask my Mom! :). But, I do recall playing "lawyer and Judge" with my cousin, Tim, when we were kids. We would make up cases, and spy on my sister and her friends, then run the scenarios and cases by my Mom and make her reach a ruling. Ha. Yes, this sister is the same one I talk about below, the one who just went into labor. Heh. Obviously, I am no longer spying on her.

As a high schooler, I decided that I wanted to be an eye doctor. NO idea whatsoever how I decided on this. Our school did not really have a good program to help us decide what areas or careers would interest us. I decided to go to Ferris, as it was the only state in Michigan that had an eye doctor program. So, I applied, got it, and quickly decided that I did not want to be a doctor. Even though I loved science and did well in it in high school, college was another world....and, the partying and everything probably did not help my concentration in early morning Chemistry, LOL. Took a required Accounting class and fell in love.

Thus, the switch to Accounting.

Took a year off of college. Met Kurt, who was finishing college and started law school.

Started helping Kurt type his notes and started to have a real interest in law, while continuing to complete my degree in Accounting at Davenport. Decided about two years into his law school, that I wanted to be a lawyer too. Quit my waitressing job and got a job at a family law firm in Lansing. Learned so much there, and learned even moreso than I wanted to be a lawyer.

And, that's where i am today! Been a practicing lawyer for about a year and a half. I really do like it, even though it can be stressful running my own business and all. But overall, I think this is the career for me.

OK, but, my dream job? A travel photographer. I would love to write articles and take the pictures for trips that I get to take around the world. Maybe I can just retire and do this for fun?? :).


.................Nancy said...

The travel photogrpaher sounds like a perfect job to me too!!

Katie said...

I would totally LOVE to be a travel photographer. MAN, that'd be great.

I have a silly question... who is Heather, and how do I find these blog challenges? They seem really fun and interesting!