Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stocked Freezer

Well. Like a week has gone by without a substantial post from me. I guess the answer to why is because not much is going on with me, at least nothing exciting enough to post about. We have been crazy busy at work, to the point that when I get home at night, I make dinner, work out, and go to bed. And don't feel like posting..........The weather kinda makes me feel BLAH as well. We have had a very cold winter here in southern MI and I hate it. It really gives me incentive to work harder so I really can retire earlier. I want to be someplace warm at least part of the year so I can avoid this crap.

Got a great deal Friday night on a new coat for Kurt. He had this one coat (I don't recall if I have posted about it or not). I literally bought it for him like 8 years ago or something and he refused to get rid of it because it's *comfy*. Finally, the zipper broke and I took charge and threw that baby away. Got him a nice mid length dark grey coat marked down from $225 to $79 at Elder Beerman. I love it on him. After that, we headed to dinner at Pete's, then stopped at a Pet Supplies Plus to buy Bugsy a new scratch pad and some little toys. While there, we met Peaches, a really gorgeous birdie and Kurt totally wanted to buy her. Umm, does Kurty want the bird to die? LOL. Bugsy's dream is to capture a bird. He spends his days watching birds at the feeders outside the window.....Finally tore Kurt away from the bird and we headed home for the night.

Saturday, we worked part of the day, then headed to Lowe's with Kory to buy wood for my walk in closet. I have a walk in closet in my bedroom, that has sat with nothing in it and not usable for over 5 years. FINALLY it is getting done. Kurt worked on it all day today and it is about 3/4 done. I can't wait to start hanging stuff in there, and putting my shoes on the shelves, moving my purses in there. Yay. It looks super kewl. I love how Kurt can create something that looks professional and I pay no labor. :).

Went to Canton today to go to some grocery store type places that are not around here. Trader Joe's, Joe's Produce and Sam's Club. Stocked up on fresh fish and pastas and other stuff we use all the time that I was totally out of.

OMG, annoying night last night during sleep. Kory was at Britton's to hang out and spent the night, leaving Whiskey with us. Fine. We wake up in the middle of the night to him HOWLING and barking. And he won't stop. Finally, he does. About an hour later, it starts again. And stops. A THIRD time it starts, and Kurt had enough. He went and put him in the dog carrier we have (it's big), put it in the laundry room, closed the door, and came back to bed. He is so freaking obnoxious sometimes. When I was telling Kory about it, he was like "Don't put him in a cage next time, just put him in my room." Yea, so he can chew everything up in there? I have an antique wood piece in there, my four poster bed, etc. Whiskey ruins everything (just the previous night, he chewed up my fav pair of Pumas). I was kinda surprised that instead of saying he was sorry his dog kept us up half the night, he complained he was in a cage part of the night, but whatever. He either needs to train the dog, or I am putting him in a cage. I can't sacrifice sleep and spending thousands to replace things in the house so his dog can be happy and roam free 24 hours a day. The pugs were not perfect either as puppies, I understand puppies are not perfect. But. The pugs don't howl so loud they wake an entire neighborhood. With dogs that are loud, big, whatever, you have to train them more or they will drive you bonkers. Anyway, sorry about the vent, but I am ready for all the dogs in my house to be adults. Certain stages of puppydom are horribly annoying.......


Rebecca said...

I can't believe Kurt put him in a crate/cage, considering how cruel he thinks they are :) But I agree, he needs to train his dog or not leave him there for you guys to deal with. That's why I don't stay the night over there now, because, even though there are 3 other people in this house, apparently both dogs are entirely my responsibility (at least according to my dad). It's annoying, but rather have a fight, I just don't stay out all night. Charlie is still in his crate at night, even though I think he'll be fine out, no one else does, so they put him in there.

Plus, Whiskey is a beagle, he's bred to howl!

Andrea said...

Ditto on the cold weather, nothing to do and just feeling blah - Can't wait for summer to get here!

I work in the buying offices for Elder-Beerman (and all the other names we go by throughout the country)! Well - I buy basic bedding, not men's coats. But still - I love the shout out :-D

Rachael said...

good for you for working out even when you are tired! Speaking of it... Im stalling going to the gym right now!