Saturday, February 16, 2008


Watched a docmentary last night with Kurt called Promises. Wow. What an incredible film. To see a world through the eyes of children experiencing it is so eye opening. I highly recommend this movie, it was beautifully done.

Some info from the site about the film below:

PROMISES — the Film

PROMISES follows the journey of one of the filmmakers, Israeli-American B.Z. Goldberg. B.Z. travels to a Palestinian refugee camp and to an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, and to the more familiar neighborhoods of Jerusalem where he meets seven Palestinian and Israeli children.

Though the children live only 20 minutes apart, they exist in completely separate worlds; the physical, historical and emotional obstacles between them run deep.

PROMISES explores the nature of these boundaries and tells the story of a few children who dared to cross the lines to meet their neighbors. Rather than focusing on political events, the seven children featured in PROMISES offer a refreshing, human and sometimes humorous portrait of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

PROMISES, a film by Justine Shapiro, B.Z. Goldberg and co-director and editor Carlos Bolado, was shot between 1995-2000.

Running time, 106 minutes.
Arabic, Hebrew and English dialogue with English subtitles.

The Children

The 7 children featured in PROMISES were filmed over 4 years when they were 9-12 years old:

Yarko & Daniel. Secular Israeli twin boys living in Jerusalem.

Faraj. A Palestinian refugee boy living in the Deheishe Refugee Camp in the West Bank.

Sanabel. A Palestinian refugee girl in the Deheishe Refugee Camp in the West Bank.

Shlomo. An ultra-orthodox Jewish boy in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Mahmoud. A Palestinian boy living in East Jerusalem.

Moishe & sister Raheli live in the Beit El Settlement in the West Bank

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Im going to have to add that to my Netflix list! thanks :)