Thursday, February 21, 2008


So, the braces thing? They are still bothering me. Ow. I guess I should be glad because it means that the process is moving. Gotta again say that I am thrilled the real braces part of this is super short. Can't wait to get the Invisalign, it looks so much less pain filled......:). I am such a wimp. I have a friend who just got a boob job on Friday, and was back working on Monday. And not complaining. So, I should seriously shut up. LOL.

I don't think I have posted this yet, but I am officially addicted to 21 Jump Street. I started watching it on Netflix videos, and never saw it when it was originally on TV. Anyway, great show! Hopefully, it keeps getting better. I love the characters. I have never been a biug Johnny Depp fan, but love him in this.

I have been trying to get more on top of keeping in touch with others. I called my sister on the way home last night from dinner. She is due on the 24th, but if she does not have it, they may induce on....Feb 28, meaning she would have the baby I guess on the 29th! Of Feb! How kewl would that be? A leap baby! That would be awesome. Also called Julia, who is taking the Cali bar this week. It's THREE days v the two days we had here. Ugh. I do not envy her. And, found out two of my friends from law school are engaged. One of them getting married this summer, and the other newly engaged. Kellie also got a new job at head atty at a corporation, so congrats to her too! :). Fingers crossed for Julia, although she is so smart she does not need me to wish her luck......

I so want some new clothes. I was going to order some online, but I hate doing that because I am so picky about the fit of stuff and my body is so odd. So, I may go this Sunday shopping someplace. Since it's the end of a season, now would be a good time to get some dress pants, sweaters, etc.

Had dinner last night in Royal Oak with Rebecca and Lauren at Katana. It was really nice. I got miso soup, a california roll and steamed rice. Then, afterwards, we stopped at Astoria for dessert. Tiramisu. Best ever. Love it there. It was nice to see Lauren, who I have not seen in a while, and of course, it's always awesome to hang with Rebecca. Rebecca showed me some pics and stuff, but I can't really post of what because it's a secret! :).

Anyway, I know this is a bunch of random crap, but nothing too exciting is going on here!


Amanda said...

Well, if they induce your sis in the morning, they won't let her wait until the next day. They usually break her water when they induce, and once the water's gone the clock starts to get the baby out pretty fast.
If she goes in the morning, baby will be here by mid-afternoon, dinnertime at the latest, LOL!! (Definitely a good thing for your sis - induction is a BEAST from what I've heard)

Hobby Chef said...

I'm so with you on clothes. NEED some new things, but the thought of drying stuff on right now is .... eh.

Mindy said...

One of my best friends from high school is a leap year baby - and she always hated it. Always felt ripped off as a kid . . .

Good luck on the braces process!