Sunday, August 24, 2008

Concert, Sushi, and Driveways

Been busy.

Kurt's brother, scott, and his two chihuahuas, got into town on Friday morning. We all went to dinner at Vaquero's on Friday night and chilled at the house. Got to show Scott the new floor, my new car, the pond and some other changes to the house.

Saturday afternoon, had lunch with my friend, Hollie, at Mexican Gardens in Taylor. It's always nice to sit and relax and chat with her.......While I was gone, the boys started working on a driveway, which is exciting. They rented a piece of machinery to level it and started putting the boards up which is where the cement goes.

Last night, went to a concert with Rebecca. H an absolute blast. We met in greektown and ate at Fishbones first. Each of us had a cup of soup and then split a really good sushi roll with shrimp. Yum. The bread there is amazing.......Took the "people mover" to Joe Louis Arena and walked into to the opening act already started. Styx. Followed by REO Speedwagon, who I loved. And then, Def Leppard! The entire concert was about 4 hours and was incredible. Annoyingly, I started feeling a migraine coming on during the concert and by the time I got home that night, it was in full force. Which was annoying, because we were supposed to meet up with Lisa and Adam for a drink (they were in town to see the Lions game that night). I would have been zero fun with my headache though. Lots of stuff was fun at the concert. The people watching was incredible, LOL. Two girls behing put on an amazing dancing, makeout session. Pretty much everyone was watching then, which was their point. And Def Leppard really brings out the white trash population of the Detroit area. Super fun. We had awesome seats too, in row one on the side. So, we were not forced to stand the entire concert. The people behind us were hilarious too. They dressed up with wigs and everything like 80s hair band groupies. Loved it.

Today, Kurt and I worked. Fun, fun, but necessary since we are going to be leaving soon for our Osa adventure. Came home and chilled, got a workout in, caught up on my magazines and did some laundry. Finally booked out hotel for night one of the trip, which is basically just a place to sleep until our Osa flight leaves the next morning.

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Jen said...

Hey Lori,
Thank you for the comment. Abby has Mr. Barto. I don't know if you know him. I didn't know who he was until Abby was in 4th Grade. He used to work at Kennedy. Everything looks just about the same at the middle school. Talk about flashbacks! lol