Sunday, August 03, 2008

Working Sunday

We worked today. It was annoying, yet good because we got a LOT of stuff done. We really needed today. Got a text from Kory that he will be home tonight as well, which thrills me because he has a huge pile of work to do at the office and I was hoping it would not get put off more time. Plus, Mondays are horrendous at the office, and I will be super duper happy for him to answer most of the phone calls so I can work and do more paperwork. Yay.

Still trying to finalize everything for the secret trip. It is so slow dealing with these lodges. They do not have stable internet connection, so they check their emails every once in a while. Ugh. hopefully, I can get things firmed up with reserving our lodge. Then all I have to do is reserve a hotel room for our first night, and I am set. Whoot.

I am bummed! I am going to a wedding shower on Sunday, for a friend of mine, Char. I met Char through a really close friend of mine, Heidi, from high school. I was really hoping to see Heidi and her baby, Lanessa, at the shower, and I just found out she can't make That's OK though, it will be nice to see Char all pregnant, and I am thinking I will be able to find someone to talk to, even though I don't know anyone, LOL. It is at Portofino's in Wyandotte, and I love that place. it's really nice and on the water.

Anyway, since I worked all day, don't have much else to post! Hope everyone had a nice, non-working weekend! :).

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.................Nancy said...

I'm not sure if I'm sold on the layout, but it's nice to see some colors around here :) It makes your pictures pop out a lot more :)