Friday, August 15, 2008

Secrets Not Kept

So.....we told Kory about the trip. Mostly because he needs to pack a certain way (under 30 pounds, backpack, etc.) and we just kinda want him to know in general what he needs to bring so he is not forgetting important stuff he might need. Plus, I dont think he even has a backpack that he can use, so he needs to go buy that and all. He has a backpack, but not a hiking/good one.

At least this means I can talk about the trip on the non-secret blog now! Whoot!

Almost forgot! My new lens arrived at the office today! I am going to be playing with it very shortly at home and taking it out to the baby shower I am going to this weekend. Not that I really need image stabilization at a shower, but I can still use it!

Went to the Middle Eastern place for lunch and I am stuffed. All i had was lentil soup with hummous and bread. I need a nap, seriously......

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