Wednesday, August 13, 2008


A client of ours just stopped in. She works at a local middle eastern restaurant down the street. She brought in some hummus and bread, as well as a menu and gift certificate, with a note thanking me for all we do for her. Totally not necessary, but totally made my day. And seriously, it may be the best hummus I have ever had. We are totally doing lunch there soon.

I wish people would just be nice though, you know? The client I posted about in the Secret Blog is so UNappreciative. This girl is super appreciative, and I love that. She does not need to bring me anything at all, but I just appreciate that she is so nice and realizes the work I put into her case and file.

Anyway, back to work.....


Rebecca said...

That's why I have my favorite clients, ones who give me Tigers tickets, ones who give me little gifts, etc., some people are awesome.

Lisa said...

You know, I've never gotten to be a fond of hummus, although I have tried.

P.S. I'm still waiting on a "special" bottle of wine from one of our cliens...since April. Yeah, thanks a bunch.