Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

So, I have been really busy, and out of town! :). I left on Thursday, after working half a day, for Manistee, to visit my Mom, stepDad, sister, brother in law, nephew Nick and various friends. Manistee is an awesome place to be for the 4th--everyone usually "comes home" to visit, and there are a ton of activities and stuff going on for the Manistee Forest Festival. Plus, Manistee in right on Lake Michigan. Not much more you could ask for in a summer beach town.
Anyway, got there around 630 on Thursday (4+ hour drive, ugh), and headed to KMart because I realized I forgot my contact solution and case. Whoops. Then headed to Big Al's to buy breadsticks for dinner because they have the best breadsticks of anywhere in life. Seriously. To die for. Headed to my Mom's after that, and spent the rest of the night there. Friday we got up and met my friend Shannon and her Mom, Cindy (a good friend of my Mom's) for breakfast. Went and saw Shannon's new house next, which is really nice.......They live right in town now which is kewl. After that, headed to see Heidi's office and to see her all important and dr.-like, haha. Headed to my Mom's next to wait for my sister and nephew who were coming over. They got there and we pretty much just played with Nick the remainder of the afternoon. Went to the fish boil at the beach, then home for the night. My Mom and Ronnie (stepDad) went to he fireworks. I was kinda tired though, so I stayed home and hung out with Nick and Christie.

Saturday, we got up and headed to the art fair at the beach. I bought Kurt a rock painted like a chimp for his desk (it's kinda like a paperweight). Saw Heidi and Betsie at the art fair as well. Went back to the house after that and headed to Pizza Hut with the entire family (minus Ronnie). Nick drank out of a straw for the first time. It was pretty cute to see. He did it, and he got really excited. You could tell he was super proud of himself. We kept making him do it and he wanted to drink out of everyone's glass (and of course, we all let him). Went home after that and Mom and I headed to downtown Manistee to walk around some of the stores and stuff like we always do. There are a lot of cute specialty type stores, antique stores, etc. that I love to browse in. Had a family BBQ after that, and then Christie and family went home. I was going to go to the beer tent to try and catch up with some friends from high school, but I was having fun at the house hanging with my Mom and Ronnie, and was kinda tired, so I just ended up chilling there.

Got up Sunday morning, talked to my Mom for a while, then headed home for the LONG ride. I was glad I did not hit any major traffic stops or anything. Kory's trip took EIGHT HOURS because of stopped traffic. He totally should have taken my way home. He went to basically the same place (Maple City is about 45 minutes from Manistee) and his trip home took twice as long. UGH.

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