Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lazy Sundays

This week was pretty busy......Scott (kurt's brother) came back into town on Monday and spent the week here before Kurt's Mom's party this past Saturday. He just left this morning. Anyway, this resulted in me not having a lot of time to post, so this may be a longer one.....I can't even remember much about this week, unfortunately.

Val and her new boyfriend came over this Tuesday for dinner. It was nice to see her and meet her new guy. He is totally different than other guys she has dated. Older than her (which is good for her since she is so mature for her age). In fact, their ageg difference is the exact same as mine and Kurt's, so I think that is a sign...haha. Anyway, he is Italian, an accountant with a career making good money. Has a good sense of humor.....He was not offended by anything said by any of us, and with Kurt, Scott and kory at a dinner table, a LOT can be said. We played some Bocce (girls won, whoot) and had dinner at Pete's. Came home and played pool and girls lost--booo.

Had a school board organizational meeting on the 13th, where i was voted in as secretary again, which was nice. short meeting too, even NICER. We kinda just went over the schedule for next year. Found out a woman at the school who has JUST retired a month ago died of a heart attack. So sad. She was not very old and in good shape, just started retirement and BOOM. Heart attack. I hate stuff like that.

We took half the day off on Friday, which I really, really needed. The office was crazy this week, and I was really burnt out. Anyway, on the way home, called my massage therapist to see if I could somehow get it, and she miraculously had an appointment at 230. Realized when I got there that it had been like double the amount of time i ususally go between getting massages, which is bad for me. My shoulders and neck were really messed up. Was glad to get in, and felt so much better afterwards.

Kurt's Mom's party was this Saturday, and I will post more about that on my private blog later......However, she was really excited that the entire family was there, and it was a nice day. We stopped on the way home from that in Birch Run, because Kurt needed some things. We bought him some really nice sunglasses at Sunglasses Hut. They are Burberry. He did not want the case, so I stole it for my sunglasses......:). Also bought him some new clothes at Calvin Klein, and shoes at Adidas. Kurt was also patient enough (he hates shopping) to let me run into the Ann Taylor outlet (LOVE that store, they have like $88 skirts usually on sale for like $24) and I ended up buying three new skirts and two shirts. Headed home after that.

Hopefully, today is a lazy day. Thus far, it is. I would like to run to the grocery store for a few odds and ends, and to Kohl's because I have a good coupon to use, but other than that, I am going to sit around here and chill.


Rebecca said...

Glad you had a good weekend, and if you decide to take on the school board position again, I hope it's not as draining on you as it was this year!

.................Nancy said...

Congrats on being voted Secretary :)