Friday, July 10, 2009

New Pet

Had dinner on Monday night with my friend, Nancy, at Portofino's in Wyandotte. We sat on the outside deck, overlooking the river, sooooo nice. The weather was perfect, and it was awesome to sit and catch up. Nancy and I can talk for hours without it seeming like any time has gone by. It was a great dinner. After she takes the bar exam later this month, we will have to do dinner again and talk about how hellacious that stupid test it! :).

Had dinner this week with Kurt's friend, Terry, as well. He was in town for an IRS convention (he started working at the IRS the same time Kurt did and is working there still). Anyway, we went to Greek Town and had dinner at Pizza Papalis, which I had never been to before. I got seafood pizza, and it was really good. The place is really laid back too, which I love. Watched the Tigers game and really got to catch up with Terry, who we had not seen in forever.

Thursday night, headed to the art fair in Wyandotte with my Aunt. Did not buy ANYTHING, which is not normal for me and that art fair. I liked some stuff, but I have a lot of jewelry, so I have to really like something to get it. Auntie, on the other hand, got three really kewl necklaces and the glass files for her nails she likes to use (the ones at the fair are cute and decorated). We had dinner afterwards at an Italian place in Wyandotte.....I was so bummed though! There was this place I LOVED eating at in Wyandotte and we tried to go there, and they were CLOSED. Some people were standing by and told us that there was something shady going on, and the owner apparently fled the country after the Sheriff came and shut the place down. No idea on the details, but BOOOO. They had amazing blackened tuna there. Yum. Another good place in my area closed. Ugh.

This week has been crazy busy at the office. We had an excessive amount of hearings, with all four attorneys being out of the office at court quite a bit in the mornings. One day, we had 19 hearings, and two mediations. It was kinda crazy. And yesterday we had a hearings at 4 different courts in two different counties all between 810 AM and 1230 PM. Somehow, it all worked out though.

**Pic above is of me trying to get in the pic with the raccoon.

OMG, just took a break from this post to sit for a while and watch the raccoon, sitting on our back porch. The dogs about had a coronary, and were barking insanely and we were like, WTH is out there? He was hanging by the sunroom window, so I went in there and Bugsy and I watched him for a long time. Busgy was totally fixated by the cutie. Every time he came by the window, Bugsy would stand on his hind legs and try to hit the window. I tried to get some pics of him, but the lighting was weird and it was thru a window. Another animal to add to the ones on our property! Yay! I can't believe thru all the pug and beagle barking, the raccoon just stayed there. he was not really scared at all.

**Pic above is of Bugsy, intently watching the raccoon.

We have also been dealing with some interesting situations at the office this week. I think I might post a private blog later about it, just for everyone to be amused at. It is much more amusing after the fact. ;).

**Mr. Raccoon, right next to the door I was sitting by. Not scared of me at all.


Rebecca said...

Wow, you've been a busy social butterfly this week!

And I think a private blog is in order!

Nicole said...

I love the raccoon! They tend to think they have the right of way :)