Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shoes--Really Needed, ;)

OMG, I need new running shoes. Just looked up on this blog when I last bought running shoes--yea, it was April 2007. I think it has been too long. I started running again yesterday (after a break when I have been biking) and my shins are killing me. I thought it was prob either because I have not been running a lot, or the shoes. Yea, it is the shoes....So, I need to take a trip to the running store and see what they think. Will prob be Asics, but who knows, maybe I will branch out.

Or not.


Candice said...

I'm an Asics girls too. I have had my shoes for a few years LOL. My newer running shoes got destroyed in the fire. (How often does one get to say that??)

Lisa said...

I'm a New Balance gal ;)

Brittany said...

Never tried Asics shoes. I am a Nike girl.