Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Had a really nice weekend.

Saturday, had lunch with my friend, Hollie, at PF Chang's. Love lunches with her, time flies and we both just get to vent about anything and everything. So nice. After that, i ran some errands, stopping at Sam's Club and the Farmer's Market for fruit for the week. Went home after that and chilled with Kurt for the rest of the day (and night).

Sunday, headed out to Rebecca's for the day. We dropped by her parents' house to drop some food off that Rebecca had for her Dad (he said it was the best salad he ever ate) and then headed to the zoo and lunch. Lunch was at this Vietnamese place that she had a gift card for and it was yummy! Some of the best miso I have ever had and the crab rangoon was amazing. The zoo, however, kinda depresses me, and I don't know why. I love seeing animals, but I would really rather see them in the wild where they belong. I know the Detroit Zoo only has animals that cannot live in the wild because they were injured, etc., but taking a pic of an animal with a cage in the background is kinda sad. But, I had a fab time chatting with Rebeccca and aimlessly wandering. We do that well! :).

Kurt and kory went on Sunday to pick up two cocktail style arcade games for the basement that we found on Craigslist. One has 48 different games and the other just has Donkey Kong. Oh my God. So fun. I especially love Frogger and Burger Time, but am slowly playing all the games and loving it. They are kewl too because you sit at the games, instead of having to stand. And you can play everything two players. Kurt and I are SO like kids sometimes. LOL.

Bugsy had a vet appointment last night for hiss rabies shot. He was a very good kitty and they said he is in perfect health and the at a perfect weight. He weighted 8.75 pounds. So small for a cat for us. Toby, out last cat, weighed like 18 pounds at one point. Bought the pugs Heartgard pills since I had run out too. I swear, it's just like having kids sometimes! Or not! :).

Night all!

Secret Post, yo.


RoseAnn said...

I feel the same way about the zoo. Even if I know the animals are well cared for, it just seems unnatural and sad.

Mindy said...

I'm with you on zoos. Big time.

So jealous of the arcade game! TOO fun!

.................Nancy said...

We used to have a pinball machine in our basement when I was a kid, I dont know HOW we ever scored that... but we spent hours and hours playing on that with our friends!