Friday, July 24, 2009

Playing Hooky

Kurt and I skipped part of the work day today, to watch the Tigers SPANK the White Sox. What a lovely afternoon...Perfect 85 degree sunny weather, seats in the lower level right behind home plate and pretty mucch nobody sitting near us for some reason. And the people sitting near us were NOT White Sox fans! Bonus! The game was awesome, I loved relaxing, and it was overall a fabulous afternoon. Yay for half day Fridays.

We went to dinner tonight at our normal place for sushi. And had the worst service I have EVER had there. It was comical almost. Our waitress had an IQ of maybe, giving her the benefit of the doubt, umm, 60. First, it took her like at least 15 minutes to come to where we were sitting. She got there and took our order, leaving our menus. Weird. She then showed up with our soup, which was supposed to be clam chowder and miso. She brought minestrone and chicken tortellini. Finally replaced that. Our meal, she brought one roll, the Sammy Davis Drop. Problem? We ordered two. She did not bring us napkins or silverware or chopsticks (which I grabbed from another table) and she did not refill our drinks (we had to stop a manager and ask for that). She was a complete and total ditz, it was SOOOO weird. We were watching the game, so whatever, but it was kinda annoying. I will specifically NOT want her as a waitress in the future. Lame. Dinner was yummy, as usual though.

Finally got new running shoes last night. I ended up with Asics Gel Foundation 8 in white and pink. I wore them to run two miles last night and WOW. Shin splints gone. Already. Really shows that you need to replace your shoes more often then every 2 years and 2 months. Whoops. :).

My picture order came in and I put all the pics in my new frame, and it looks awesome. I need to get Kurt to hang it up for me though....Also, put three pics in frames at the office and they look super cute. Kurt's new mousepad is ADORABLE too with pug pics. He loves it.

I have so many little things I need to do this weekend. I want to stop at the farmer's market and buy fruit for the week so I am not stuck with the crappy selection at Kroger's. Want to do laundry. Want to clean some......But, I am going to just relax and do whatever. I have plans with Hollie tomorrow and Rebecca on Sunday, so will try to do other stuff in between. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


Brittany said...

Sounds like a great start to the weekend!

Katie said...

LOL I hate awful waitresses like that!

I thought of you while I drove by Sterling State Park in MI again ;) I really should call you and meet you for dinner sometime when I drive by on my way to FL LOL.