Monday, September 14, 2009

Me, as a Kid--RIP Patrick

I was a pretty good kid. If you ask my Mom the worst thing(s) I did, she cannot come up with much, truthfully! :). My sister more than made up for that though, LOL, and I always say that my sister had a lot more fun as as kid, and was way kewler than I was. But, my type A kinda personality stopped me from being much of a rebel, and I am glad that I did not cause my Mom much heart ache growing up.

Once, my Mom saw I was over tired, and she told me I could not go to one of my games (I was a cheerleader). I ran away (which consisted of running up the hill near our house), and when I saw her drive by looking for me, I ran home. And stayed for the night.

My Mom (and I) were huge readers. I used to steal her Jackie Collins and V.C. Andrews books off the bookshelf, quickly read them, and return them, as she did not think they were appropriate books for me when I was younger. REBEL LORI. Still love those authors, BTW.

And lastly, she really restricted the movies I could watch. So, what did any rebel kid do? I watched them at friends' homes. Becky Tennant, Julie Parks, etc. Their houses are where I saw Pretty Woman, Silence of the Lambs, Heathers, Dirty Dancing. And Mom, you were right about Silence of the Lambs, I should have NEVER watched that. I had nightmares for weeks. And, the movie still freaks me out.

Dirty Dancing was one of my favs. And still is.

So, I was sad tonight to hear of Patrick Swayze passing away. I am not one who gets overly emotional or even cares when actors die, but I loved that movie, and since then, have liked him. I always thought he seemed like a really down to Earth, nice guy, who was a great, loyal husband, and loved animals. Cancer sucks, and I wish it would have not ended his life at such a young age.

So, I am still sick, which sucks. I was sick all weekend, with the sore throat. And rebel me, listened to the doc and did not start taking the prescribed amoxicillin until Sunday, when I was still sick. Sunday though, my sore throat started feeling better, but it was replaced with a stuffed up head and nose. Today, I am just kinda out of it. In the middle of an appointment tonight, I almost had to walk out because I felt like I was going to throw up. So odd. This sickness is not fun, but I am trying to force myself to be better. I dont have time to be sick! :). I even skipped my Board meeting tonight because I did not want to vomit in the middle of it. Good idea, I think. It was just a committee meeting, no voting, so it's OK.

Anyway, hope everyone had a nice weekend.


Rebecca said...

My throat is starting to hurt now, I'm all stuffy. Seriously, I am f-ing OVER this.

.................Nancy said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Rachael said...

I have similar memories! I had to sneak to watch Dirty Dancing & Pretty Woman too! Ugh and the one's I shouldn't have- Children of the Corn and Killer Clowns from Outter Space - the super creepy clown movie that traumatized me (clowns still freak me out!)

Shannon said...

Remember when we went to the Commitments? We counted how many times they said the 'f' word...ahhh..memeories!