Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We are entirely packed! I think it's a record. Kurt usually refuses to do so until we are about to leave.....

So, Britton is house sitting when we are gone, and we have everything ready for him. Kory stocked the frig with beer, and a long note is left for him regarding the babies. Vito had to go to the vet this morning, unexpected, and now has eye drops to take for the next couple weeks. He scrathed his eye on something in the yard. Nothing bad, but enough to require some meds. Poor little guy. He spent the day at the office with us though, and liked that. He loves the office and being spoiled.

We fly into Houston and then onto San Jose tomorrow morning. We will explore San Jose tomorrow (Kurt and I have been there before, but Kory never has, except the airport). Kurt hopes to take Kory's pic with somoe prostitutes in the casino in San Jose, LOL. We then leave on Friday morning for Golfito, for our happy lodge in the middle of freaking nowhere. We take a boat there and there is like no internet, electricity, nothing. Generator powered stuff, but it will be amazing. I love being totally cut off from the world. I need it, with how crazy the office is. Speaking of crazy, today was insane. I filed 13 bankruptcies, and did a ton of other paperwork, appointments, phone calls, etc. I did get a lot of stuff done though, and hope to not come back to too much insanity. Stacey and Jessica have to cover a lot of hearings and stuff while we are gone, and it is the first time Kurt and I have really gone anywhere since they started back in January and March! Well, I guess we went to philly and london, but we rescheduled everything during those trips. Just tomorrow they have like 12 hearings between the two of them. Fingers crossed that everything goes well for them. It will be hectic! :).

I am hoping I am not forgetting anything. I always seem to forget SOMETHING. Usually eye make-up remover. Or cotton balls. Or my contact case. But, I think I got it all! :).

Anyway, talk to everyone when we get back!

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.................Nancy said...

Have a safe trip!

I should fly to Michigan to help Britton house sit, just in case.