Saturday, September 19, 2009


Busy, busy week at work......

Today we worked for three hours (I got a lot of stuff done, I think Kurt got nothing done, LOL) and then I went out to run some errands. Stopped at Sam's Club to buy some essentials, then headed to Kohls and NY and Co since I had coupons. Found like NOTHING at NY and Co, which is rare, so I stopped at Macy's to look at shoes and found nothing there either. Went to Kohl's and bought Kurt a U of M sweatshirt (we are going to a game in November and I wanted him to have something to wear), bought some new sheets (in navy) and a new pillow. Want to try this form of pillow to see if it helps with my neck always going out of place. We will see......Tonight, had dinner at Crave with Cassie and Ken, which was super fun and really yummy. The weather is starting to really change here....i wore a long sleeve shirt to dinner, but am refusing for fall to be here yet, so I wore it with capri pants and heels! :).

Tomorrow, I plan on doing NOTHING. Well, maybe some things around the house, but nothing that requires leaving the house, unless it's a quick jaunt to the grocery store. I am trying not to buy much for the house right now since we leave on Thursday for vacay! Can't freaking wait.


.................Nancy said...

Wow, original pillow price 90$!! Is it comfy ?

Lori H said...

It is! It seemed a LOT more supportive than my old $4 pillow from Target, LOL. I did not pay even close to that price though, it was marked down and I had a 30% off coupon. :).