Sunday, September 20, 2009


Booked our Uganda flights! Super yay! I wanted to a long time ago, because I was worried they would go up in price, but Kurt wanted me to hold off (he hates spending money before we need to). Anyway, it is now late September, and the trip is December, and I want them booked. I started looking for flights, and it looked like they had gone up, so I was kinda annoyed, but whatever. THEN, I looked at leaving the day before we were planning on, and the flights had gone way DOWN in price. So, I booked right away. The flights are going to be exhausting.......Really long, but because I am adding a day on, hopefully in that day, we can catch up on sleep and stuff and get all ready for the start of the safari.

Anyway, we are flying KLM (NWA) and Kenya Air. We basically fly from Detroit to Amsterdam to Nairobi to Entebbe. Am glad we are not flying into any "iffy" countries on our way over there.

Cannot wait for this trip, it is going to be aMAZing.....


Brittany said...

Yeah, that's awesome! You always go on the most awesome vacations.

.................Nancy said...