Saturday, June 28, 2014

Return To Paradise

So, I went back to the States for a short time to attend the wedding of two of my favorite people, Ron and Erika.  Flew Delta Thursday night and returned Spirit the following Tuesday night  All flights were easy and no delays.  Yay.

Got into Michigan late Thursday night and Ron and Meghan picked me up from the Erika.  Stayed at Ron's Thursday and Friday night.  Friday I went to the office and had lunch with everyone and picked up all the random stuff I had sent to the office to bring back to Costa Rica with me.  Packed it all in the extra suitcase I brought with me.  Friday night was the wedding rehearsal and dinner.  Rehearsal was at The Dearborn Inn and dinner at Andiamo's in Dearborn.  Dinner was awesome, app was calamari, caprese salad, sea scallops for dinner, and hot fudge sundaes for dessert.  All good.  And drinks of course.  Had an amazing time.

Saturday, got up and went for a run at Ron's, then hung out for a while talking.  Headed out to get a massage and go to Kohl's for an errand, then headed to the hotel to take pics and hang with Erika and company before the wedding.  Got to help out with some outside pics with the photographer, which was fun.  Then went to the room to get ready with my date, Ashleigh, who was nice enough to attend the wedding with me.  Wedding was at 600 in the gazebo outside the hotel and the weather was PERFECT.  Sunny, and not too hot.  Judge Weipert, who I practiced in front of in Monroe County, performed the ceremony and was hilarious.  Great wedding, not a boring moment.  After that, apps and drinks were served in the garden area while the wedding party had pics taken.  The food was AWESOME.  They had sesame chicken (which I did not try), as well as lobster pot pies, crab cakes and spring rolls. Our group made sure to stand by the door the waiters came out of, so we ate a lot, LOL.  Headed in to the wedding next.  Dinner was a choice of salmon, beef or chicken.  I had the salmon and it was awesome.  Dessert was great too and the there was a nacho bar at the end of the night.  Reception was fun, everyone danced all night, def not a boring crowd.  Had a blast hanging out with Meghan and all my friends.  Erika looked stunning as a bride.........

Next morning, I woke up and checked out of the hotel and headed to have dinner with my two Aunts and Dad at Pete's Place in Brownstown.  My Mom met up with me there and we went back to Ron's to drop his car off and pick up the last of my stuff.  Headed to my Aunt's house next and hung out there.  Went to Kohls and then to dinner at an awesome Italian place.  I had an amazing marinara angel hair pasta dish.  I never have pasta, so I loved that.  Monday, my Mom and I did some shopping and I went for a run before dinner.  My Aunt made salmon for dinner with couscous and corn, which was super yummy.  Watched two movies with my cousin and then off to bed.

And Tuesday, flight home!

Was a short trip, but about all I can stand being away from Costa Rica.  Nice to get to go to the wedding and see my friends and family.

Back in Paradise now, was kinda jet lagged on day one.  Got back into my daily running and workout routine, and back to not overeating and eating healthy.  Looking forward to the fruit and veggie market tomorrow morning as we are out of everything since I missed last Friday!

Bought a toaster and slow cooker today, and I think that's all I need for the kitchen.  Stopped at the fish market and bought marlin and tuna, which should last a while too. 

While I was gone, Kurt had an iguana get into the house, and saw a scorpion near the door! I guess Midas found the scorpion and just stared at it.  The iguana was under the couch I normally sit at.  Kurt had moved the couch to sweep and thought it was a snake at first, but then realized it was just an iguana.  He got it out of the house.  The cats I guess were terrified, LOL.

The yard guys have started work on the pool area.  We are building an area around the pool that is covered so you can sit out there not directly in the sun.  Should be super nice when done.

Kurt painted our bedroom while I was gone, so I did not have to sleep in paint fumes.  It is jade green and looks amazing.  He is working on finishing the master bath.  He has to paint the ceiling white as the previous owner had some odd cloud mural painted in there. Need to get rid of it.

I got a FitBit while in Michigan.  I am loving it!  You can link to other friends who have a FitBit too, so if you have one, add me at email

Off to run errands soon!  Pura Vida.






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