Saturday, December 03, 2005

Phone Like Kerry's Proves my Theory

When I first met Kurt, he had barely used a computer, did not really care about advanced technology (or at least, did not feel the 'need' to own it), and thought cell phones were pointless if one had a home phone.

Boy, have things changed in the last 9 years!

Slowly, over the past 9 years, Kurt has become technology obsessed. We got a computer during his first year of law school so he could type his papers, and got dial up internet as well. This was in Lansing. We also got our first cell phone. Then, when we moved to Taylor, we got a cable modem. I think it was in Taylor that Kurt started to become 'spoiled' with technology. If he had to go someplace and use dial up, he acted tortured and like the world may come to an end. Now, at the Newport house, we got our first laptop. And wireless internet. So, now, Kurt can sit in the living room and use the internet, while watching TV and using a cell phone. When we go on vacation, he TAKES his laptop so he can have access to it, if he 'needs' it.

Oh, also, when we first met, we had basic cable. That has not escalated into DISH Network with HBO, Cinemax, and various sports packages that he "needs". HA. I can currently watch any and all college football, college basketball, and NBA games. I know more about obscure football teams from towns nobody else has heard of then I ever desired to know. ;). I guess it's good for future trivia games with friends.

Today was really the day I realized my husband has become a tech junkie. To set the background, over Thanksgiving, Kurt went to a small town near Green Bay to visit his Dad and other family members. His family did not have Internet, and also did not have DISH network and all the sports channels. He constantly called me to check game scores and find out other things online for him. He came back and acted like he really, truly suffered. He proclaimed he is never going ANYWHERE again if he does not know ahead of time that the area has internet for him to use.

I found this somewhat ridiculous (even though I myself and online and like checking my email, I can live without it on vacation or while visiting family, and I am supposed to be the one who is more tech savvy in this relationship). So, I told him that there are cell phones you can get now that have wireless Internet anywhere in the country on them. He was extremely interested, so I went to Cingular today (our provider) and talked to the salespeople. I bought a new phone, and the rest is history. Click here to see the phone. It is the Treo 650. I emailed my friend Kerry about this and found out SHE HAS THE SAME PHONE.

Since Kerry and Max always have the latest and greatest tech stuff before anyone else does, I think this proves my theory about Kurt. He has truly gone off the deep end and there is no turning back. What started out as my teaching Kurt to even turn on a computer has turned my husband into a tech obsessed freak. Sigh. LOL. This teaches me to teach Kurt ANYTHING**.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

**One positive thing about this new purchase is that I get to use the phone the most. Kurt is going to use it on occasion on vacation or whatever, but in the meantime I get a really awesome new phone that is like the best thing on the market right now! Yay! And I can blame it all (and the cost) on Kurt!


Got an i-pod? said...

Enjoyed looking over your blog.

Shannon said...

I dunno Lori, that new phone looks a little intimidating to me, I think I'll stick with my bag phone LOL!! No really, it looks sweet, good choice!