Sunday, December 11, 2005

Cold Little Pug

Ever since the weather has gotten really cold, poor little Gretel does not want to play outside with the other pugs. I open the door to let her outside and she cringes and runs away from the cold air. Today, I went outside with her and she came out for a second. While I was watching the other pugs, I turned around and saw Gretel literally shaking next to the door.

So, although Kurt and I are not normally dog clothing kinda people, I decided to order Gretel a coat and some booties for playing outside. She looks all depressed when Oscar and Vito go outside and she is all cold and lonely, :).

Of course, if I order her clothes, she has to be stylish. Therefore, Gretel will be sporting a faux mink black coat and little purple booties.

Pictures to come of Gretel modeling once the stuff comes in the mail. Hopefully, the stuff makes it more bearable for her playing outside with her brother and sister.


Cynthia said...

Please send pictures. I have to see this dog dressed up. They are completely adorable to begin with and I can not wait to see them dressed up!

Shannon said...

very cute!