Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Little Things That Make Us Happy.....Or That Make our Husbands Happy....

Went to the Lions game today. The Lions are SO awful. I was hoping something new would happen since they fired their coach. But since every fan knows the
real problem was not the coach, but the GM and the owners, I should have not gotten my hopes up at all though. One thing that made the game more amusing is the crowd was really rowdy. There were people getting kicked out everywhere for being obnoxious, getting into fights, holding up signs they should have not had. It was freakin hilarious.

Despite the loss, Kurt had a great time at the game. He always complains at the Lions games because Ford Field does not do a good job with showing the scores of other games on their scrolling scoreboards. But, today, with his new phone (I wrote about it yesterday), I literally think he was in 'heaven'. He spent the entire day watching the game and checking scores on the Internet. It greatly amused me that one simple piece of technology could make going to the Lions game so much better of an experience for him, LOL.

Came home, made dinner, and am now getting ready to watch my weekly shows, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy.

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