Friday, December 08, 2006


Leaving work earlier than 9:30 p.m.! Yay. We left the office at 5:15 p.m. today. Miraculous!

After we left the office, Kurt mentioned buying exercise equipment for the gym, so I suggested heading to Dunham's. Kory and I a while back went there and looked at stuff to purchase, but never did so. So, we headed to Dunham's in Southgate. Umm, that store really needs some more employees. It's a weekend, before Xmas. Huge store. Only, I am now kidding, 4 employees in the store. One manager and 3 employees. Kurt and I picked out everything we wanted. The next obstacle was getting help. Normally, we never would have waited like we did there, but they had some great deals.....When we finally got help, it was fine.

We ended up buying a ton of stuff, but have to make several trips to get it all. We bought the machine I have pictured here. We also bought another machine which is kinda like a home gym. Then bought one dumbbell set with stand that goes from 10-50 pounds, and also bought dumbbells from 55-70 pounds. Bought an inexpensive weight bench that adjusts up and down to go with the other one we already have that is nonadjustable. Then, we bought the flooring for the gym. I could not find the exact picture of the stuff, but it's similar to the link, just thicker. The only problem was, we needed like 10 packs of the stuff, and the store only had two. So, the manager called like all the other stores in the area and found 8 more, which we are picking up on Sunday.

Yay. Can't wait. Then I just need to hang my vintage posters, and everything will be done. I am going to call re getting satellite extended into the basement tomorrow.......Also would like to take my stereo down there. We never use it in the kitchen where I currently have it.

I just watched the most stressful show ever....It was called "I Shouldn't be Alive" and was totally insane. Loved it. I highly recommend. Based on true stories, but reenactments.


Rebecca said...

You mean 9:30pm? :-P

Yay for a home gym! I can't wait to come and workout outside of the tent, hahahahahahaha

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Do you proofread everyone's posts, or just mine?? LOL.

I think the tent is a great workout as well. ;).

MissThang said...

I'm jealous of your gym. Pshh.

Rebecca said...

No, just yours, but I only do it because I love you.