Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Let There Be Heat and Progress

We got a text from Kory at 4:03 stating "there's heat!" So, our house finally has a running furnace again! Yay.

Work was such a pain today. We had Gretel there again. She is so nervous being someplace other than home, that she insists on sitting on someone's lap, on in the alternative, walking around and whining. When, Kurt left for work today, she freaking out for about an hour. Argh. We took her to the groomer for about an hour for a bath and nail clipping. She smells so pretty now, like perfume. What a girl.

Started working on my Xmas cards tonight. Finally. I bought picture ones, so I opened them all and put in the pictures tonight. I still need to address them all and sign them, etc. But, one third of the work is done anyway. I only have until December 15 to get them out, so I need to get moving.

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MissThang said...

Yay for heat!!