Saturday, December 09, 2006

Tales of Uneducated Americans

So freaking annoyed. And that's putting it lightly......

Today, Kurt and Kory went to Southgate to pick up the rest of our new gym equipment. When they got home, they parked on the side of the house. While parking, they saw two men in orange with rifles and dogs ON OUR PROPERTY. Now, we hadd suspicion a few weeks back that someone was hunting or shooting guns on our propery, because Kurt found a gun shell while walking the dogs. Kurt and Kory walked back to the hunters and the following is what really annoyed me about the entire situation. **The following is what was told to me by Kurt and Kory after said event, as I did not know what was going on because I was in the house cleaning and did not notice the police cars and such until later.**

Kurt: "What the eff are you doing on my property?"

Idiots: "We shot a bird and were getting it."

Kurt: "You are not allowed on my property, get off now, and don't ever come back."

Idiots: "We can do whatever we want and hunt anywhere we want. It's our constitutional right. We are not leaving"

**(I am actually quite shocked that Kurt was not more assertive here. Animals being killed is very, very traumatic to both of us, and I think the only thing that stopped him was those two rifles and big dogs the hunters had with them)**

Kurt: "It is illegal under any circumstances to come on my property without my permission. Get off of it NOW."

Idiots: (this is funny)..."What, you think you know all laws?"

Kurt: "Yes, I am an attorney."

Idiots: --Silence--(guess they could not argue that one)

Kurt: "Get off my property"

**This went on for ten minutes, and idiot hunters would not leave. Seriously, how stupid are people? If I was trespassing, and someone approached me, I would say I was sorry and leave! What is there to argue about? They were basically your typical manly men, wanting to assert their manliness and refuse to budge.

Next, Kory called 9-1-1 since they would not leave and the police showed up.

The rest of the story really is unbelieveable, yet completely typical at the same time. The police took their report and the idiots will be turned into the prosecutor for trespassing. But, on the other hand, the police basically sided with the hunters. Thought Kurt was overreacting. Tried to say Kurt should let them enter the property and kill things on our property. Umm, no. I can't even really go into more detail because I am so mad. We are the victims here, and the police treat us like loonies because we don't want others on our land and want to protect the animals that live on our property. Whatever. They did tell them to leave and not come back. Residential area!! Why would anyone in their right mind hunt in a residential area? How about there are little kids at almost every house? Can you imagine the uproar if they shot a little kid? The cops are such freaking morons sometimes. You really should have to have more of a legal education to be a cop. The cops did not even know the laws.

Oh, and when the guys left, they said to Kurt under their breath, "Glad we know where you live now, buddy." So, now I am terrified to take walks in my yard or let the pugs out. They trespass, they do illegal things, and then they are mad at us? I don't get it, seriously. Just because I own a lot of property does not give YOU the right to enter it. Those same guys would be throwing a fit if I was on their property, I guarantee it.

So, we have a police report number. We will be calling to get the police report and then pursuing this to the fullest. I am going to have Kurt obtain PPOs against both these individuals and ask that they not be allowed to carry firearms as part of the PPO restrictions. We are also going to file a civil lawsuit against them both for the harming of an animal on MY property. I work so hard to get animals to live on my property, and the idiots kill them. Nice. I don't care if the lawsuit goes anyplace, I just want to drive the people nuts and make them sorry for EVER acting the way they did. I want them to learn to respect other people's property and animals. Further, I am going to report them to the MI DNR and any other agency that will take my complaint. My goal is that these guys both lose their hunting licenses. It's bad enough that people in this country are allowed to kill things for fun. I can put that out of my mind, somewhat. But in my own backyard? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ANYMORE. We went and bought no trespassing signs as well with clauses about trespassers being prosecuted. It's sad I have to put these signs up, but if it keeps them out, fine.

Lesson from this for all hunters out there? Don't screw with lawyers. I will make your life a living hell, especially if you are harming living creatures.

***If you are a hunter or pro killing animals for sport, please don't comment here with some monologue about the right to bear arms or hunt or whatever. These people were trespassing, which is illegal in Michigan, and nothing you can say to me will make me think it's OK to break the law in that manner. And nothing you say will make me think it's a "sport" or "humane" to find animals and shoot them with your gun. That is not skill, it's murder. End of vent.**


Lisa said...

Good for you Lori. I seriously dislike hunting (although I realize I'm not a vegetarian) but it still sucks!

Amanda said...

Good job, Lori. I am way against hunting - my FIL hunts, but seems to think it's "OK" because he eats whatever he gets. I still think it's crap - millions of animals are killed so we can eat, why add more just so you can have the "fun" of the "sport" of it. Ugh. So wrong.

Lovewarriorexoticsage said...

I can't believe those two hunters did that, who knows what they were doing, maybe they were about to commit a crime?? Maybe they just made up a story about "hunting" ?

I'm just glad you and Kurt and your friend didn't get shot or really seriously hurt. Thanks be to GOD! I would have been really pissed off. I don't trust anybody that carries guns anymore. I basically feel threatened when people just snipe or make rude comments underneath their breath. How un-American are those IDIOTS!! Thanks for sharing your experiences here!

I'm praying for those two people to lose their licenses and more!
I sincerely hope you are successful.

I totally agree that they could
have shot someone's child or neighborhood children!!!

I'm definitely NOT a hunter, I came from a farming family from
the Philippines.

And I definitely don't want to carry a gun!

They are definitely f___ idiots!

I hope you put those two people
in their place.

Sounds like low IQ neanderthal,
nascar loving, jerky eating, ciger smoking and typical uneducated BS
that happens in the world.

Thank God you, Kurt and your friend are not shot or hurt!



Charlene said...

HUGS!!! That really sucks!! Just be careful!! If these people aren't educated and have threaten you... you then take to court, etc... they may come back for revenge... Just watch yourself, is all I'm saying!!!

CrazyMrsNancy said...

OMG unbelieveable!!! How can you feel safe when police officers whose job is to protect you side with those idiots???

AJ said...

Funny, but if felt threatened, the owner of the property would have more of the right to shoot the idiot hunters than the hunters have the right to either be on his property and hunt.
I am pro-gun BTW, but will never use the constitution to defend some idiot hicks with guns.