Monday, December 04, 2006

Two More Down

I did two hearings today! One in family court, one in federal court. Nothing was complex, but I was excited to get in there and do more, as it is making me more confident with it all.

New furnace is still not on. They came today and did half the work and supposedly, the rest will be done tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I can't take much more of the house and these temperatures. It is only like 60 degrees in the living room and that's with the fireplace on and two space heaters. Gretel came into the office today with us because she keeps shivering because of the cold and Kurt felt guilty. She was so cute being the office dog in her little sweater. :). She insisted on sitting on our laps at all time, which makes working a little bit more difficult, LOL.

Ordered my new contacts today. They gave me some new ones to try at my last appointment, but I did not think after a couple days of wear they were any better than my old ones, so I am sticking with the old ones. Really hope they come in the mail before we leave on vacay! :). Oh, the new ones they had me try are Acuvue Oasys. The old ones are Acuvue Advance.


MissThang said...

Yay...congrats on the hearings! I still think you rock, even though you downplay the whole thing.

By the way, I love that you took Gretel to the office today. My broker brings her little chihuahua, Louis, to the office every day and seriously--I LOVE that damn dog in the office every day!

Lori said...

Thanks Sarah! I wish Gretel would calm down though. She hates "change", so she is being all whiny today and nervous. It makes answering the phone slightly unprofessional, but whatever. The furnace should be fixed today.

ubctress said...

For some reason, I thought Gretel was your secretary (I don't know, office... shivering), and then it started to get wierd when you talked about your secretary sitting in your lap. I bet it'd be hard to work like that.

You could get laser eye surgery like me and drop the contacts like a horrible exboyfriend ;)