Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy 3rd Birthday Vito Corleone!

This week has been insane. Seriously. Work was crazy busy and on top of that, we were trying to get things done before vacay tomorrow.

Through all of it, we actually got out of the office at a decent hour. It felt strange packing, because we could actually do it at a leisurely pace.....This is not normal. Before vacay, we are usually running around like mad, packing at the last second, and running out the door after 4 hours of sleep. Still may not get much sleep, but the packing went much better. I even made dinner, did a load of dishes AND a load of laundry through all of it. Woo me. Now am relaxing and will head to bed soon.

Can't wait to get on our flight in the morning. We are flying Continental, which I have never flown before. Guess we will know after the 4 flights of this trip if we like them or not. I *think* I have packed everything. Almost every trip, I forget one small, minor thing. Last trip it was eye makeup remover. Which was actually OK, because it forced a trip to Sephora. Don't think there are any Sephoras in San Jose though.....hehe.

I am so psyched to use my camera. It has been really sad this winter, the lack of sunlight to take pics in.....the average temp in Costa Rica is 76 to 80 degrees every day, every month. I heart nice weather. Especially in December....

Today is Vito C's 3rd birthday. We took him to Burger King, which is pug birthday tradition. Bought him his fav, a kids' cheeseburger. He loved it and was so excited to get to go on a car ride all by himself with Mom and Dad. The guy at the window liked him too, gave him a chicken nugget. When we got home, he was so overcome with excitement, he fell asleep on the couch.

We are taking the laptops on vacay, so email me if you want! I will try and post as well, if I have the energy at night after wandering the jungle, beach and volcanos all day!


Rebecca said...

Awww! Happy Birthday Veet!

MissThang said...

Are you and Kurt going to run around the jungle like Tarzan & Jane? If so, I want to see pictures.

PS: Happy Birthday, Vito!