Wednesday, December 13, 2006


So, my life has been crazy busy. We are trying to hard to get like everything caught up at the office, but every time I get close, we have more people hire us. Well, I guess I should not complain about it....

Last night was fun. My Aunt and I went to dinner and the theatre. Dinner was at Cuisine, this place I love. I tried something new, called skatefish. Loved it, and highly recommend. Then we saw "Spamalot" at the Fisher. I really liked it, it was funny. I recommend it if it's in your area, especially if you love comedy and theatre. The variety in the show was incredible and the singing was awesome.

Got my Secret Santa gift in the mail today! One of my online message boards does an exchange, and I got my gift! I hate not being able to open it until Friday. Blah. It's sitting on the counter begging to be opened.

I am started to get excited about my trip. I called my cell phone company today to ask about the cost to call home and it's like $1.99 a minute. Don't think so. I will prob be getting a calling card or something while I am there. Or just contacting people by internet. Kurt and I are both taking our computers for night and when we are in our room, which will be rare, I am sure.........I can then work on pictures I took during the day and stuff too. Hooray!

Monday was a fun day for me. I argued my first contested Motion in court. It was on a custody case. Basically, long story shot, the Mom and Dad, for the first two years of the child's life, shared custody on a 50/50 basis. The Mom started to get some kind of aid from the state, and because she did, the state went after the father for repayment. The Mom had lied to the state and said the child lived with her fulltime. So, he hired us to take care of it and get everything in writing with the courts re their agreement. Well, the Mom showed up and did not want that. Anyway, I won. The Dad now has half custody of the child, until the court's can look into the situation and make a final decision. So, I started off on the right foot with my contested motion stuff. Yay.

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Rebecca said...

Still haven't gotten my gift yet :( You should re-wrap yours and let me open it so it feels like I got one too, haha