Friday, June 08, 2007


I heart the birdies in my yard. :). Today we stopped after work and bought a ton of bird feed and suets at the store, as we were out of suet and low on food. The lady who checked us out was like "Is this ALL for your yard?" I said yes, and she was like "I have never seen anyone buy this much bird feed in my life..." LOL. We have spoiled birds, what can I say. Kurt is seriously in love with the cardinals. I think we may two males and a female. And there is this robin who is hilarious, who is the size of like two robins and sits in this tree just watching the action. I want to get a hummingbird feeder next, but need to find a good one. I know we have them in the yard, but I dont see them much, prob because we dont have a feeder.

Work was crazy today. Like usual. Aargh. I hate the phone so much from being there.

I posted previously about enabling. There was more drama with that story tonight. It's almost amusing because Kurt and I predict the next things that will happen with the situation, and it happens. Everyone in her family will be like "Oh, her boyfriend is gone, everything will be OK now" and Kurt and I crack up because she is the root of the problem, NOT the boyfriend. Yea, I agree, he is a loser, but SHE is the issue here. They think that everything she does is because of him. Umm, no. She makes her own choices. YOU ARE ENABLING HER BY CONTINUING TO SAY THAT THIS IS SOMEONE ELSE'S FAULT. MAKE HER TAKE BLAME FOR HER ACTIONS. Duh. I don't see what is so difficult about this. It's exasperating, yet not surprising.

Kory sold his car! Yay Kory! Someone came over tonight, looked at it, made an offer, and are coming back this weekend to pay. He was thrilled to get rid of it (since he is already driving a new truck). Congrats!

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Kelsie said...

I hear ya on the enabling situation! Sounds exactly like my sister and her *issues* All I can do is sit back and watch and roll my eyes. Blech.

Hummingbird mom has like 8-10 feeders in her yard. She loves the birds! I bought her two from for Christmas and she loves both of them. AND! They are very inexpensive. I bought her a glass one for less than $20 and the plastic sunflower. She loves both of them as do the birdies.